A sun washed afternoon- a family session in Saikung


Hey everybody, I am back after a great, long summer break.

As dragged my suitcases inside our family home in Saikung last Friday the same thought of every year accompanied me.

Where has the time gone? It looked like, a moment before we were saying good bye to everybody wishing

them a great summer and now here we are, rain pouring outside , the familiar 100% humidity

of Hong Kong weather welcoming us, pretending we are ready to start another school year.

Hong Kong-family-photographer

The summer has been as usual, sweet. Sweet and exhausting, We experienced every emotion on the emotional spectrum.

We travelled, took something like 10 flights in the middle, flew between two countries

and enjoyed both of them. And of course took hundreds of photos which I hope to show you here really soon.

Hong Kong lifestyle family photographer


Before the summer I photographed quite a few sessions from families to maternity but

being the terrible sharing/marketer that I am I hadn’t made room for new blog posts until now.

This was a session I shot back in May on one of the most gorgeous, sun filled days in my own Hong Kong history.

I remember even at 4.30 the sun being so bright I had a hard time focusing and was worried this sweet family

was melting under the scorching sun. But sun makes anything glorious right?

So in the end all the worries went out of the window and I just embraced it with with the enthusiasm

of somebody who can’t quite believe she has all this light at her disposal to play with (pretty rare for Hong Kong


Hong Kong-children-photographer


The images reflect the brightness and colourfulness of that summer day and it turns out this was just

what they were looking for. Colours, light happiness. Enjoy!

Hong Kong natural style photographer

Hong Kong newborn photographer



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