"I am at war with the obvious". William Eggleston

I am a photographer who is interested in stories, I write with photographs and photograph with words. Childhood, the passage to adult life, the complexity of motherhood, our common human experience are some of the themes I explore through my work. My photography radically changed when I picked up a film camera. I finally felt I found my "artistic shelter" in those rolls of film, a lab I could trust, a process that took me back to the roots of photography, a more humble way of practicing this art, without all the glitzy/shiny extras.
Photography for me is art before being a service, but if my art could be at your service I would be delighted.Besides my personal projects I love photographing families (including babies and mothers to be!) and their spaces. So if it's been a while since you last had your family photos , or if most of the family photos you have are kids without you in it perhaps it's time to make some new memories . Get in touch, I will be happy to connect.
Thank you so much for being here!


2017 RPS certificate in Photography - Royal Photographic Society/Open University
2010 Photography fundamentals- HKU Space, Hong Kong
2001 MA Political Science and China studies, The Naples Eastern University, Italy

Portraits pilosophy

As a portrait photographer I am mostly drawn to human connections and portraits that are a natural expression of that.To me the story and the meaning behind the photo is just as important as the photo itself. I am a keen observer but I will direct you gently in order to recreate the scenes I have in mind, just please don’t call it posing, it sounds too boring. Think more of an ongoing conversation between me and your family where I will get to know you and photograph the way I see you. I photograph using mainly analogue film because it gives photos that feeling of rawness and nostalgia that I love so much in photography.

If you’re looking for photos that are a bit different, if you love details just as much as you love the whole picture, if you’re not afraid of being photographed from a different perspective,   then I am the right photographer for you. However if you are afraid of more spontaneous photos, of unconventional angles and you’re worried these won’t make you look good in your photos, then I am probably not the right choice.I can’t promise your hair will be perfectly in place in every photo (I have a thing for messy hair), but I can promise you will look like the coolest, warmest, most affectionate version of yourself.

  I don’t want to give you pretty pictures, I want to give you a little window to peek into where years from now you can see yourself and the people you love the most and be amazed at the road taken together, at the splendid and brave effort of building and growing a family.