How to choose the right photographer for your portraits

fine art father and daughter portrait looking up a tree in Saikung Lions Park
You thought about it for a while now, yet you’ve been very busy. You have been longing for those special portraits of your family but days have passed without you even noticing it until that day when you’re all lounging around in your living room. You see your kids playing together and it suddenly hits you.They have grown. So much and so fast. You know you have furiously pressed on that Iphone camera in the hope to stop the time a little and get to enjoy just one more minute of that cuteness. Yet that baby is not a baby anymore.She now talks, she knows her answers and she uses them. All of them.So you think perhaps it is time to make some memories that will last that won’t get messed up in the confusing chaos that is your phone memory or your computer hard drive. You want to create something special,something that will truly celebrate your family as it is . At this time of your lives.
You made the move to look for a photographer for your family photos.

But how to choose the right one?
black and white sisters portrait in Saikung Lions Park

Hong kong is a city full of talented photographer so the task is not easy yet there are a few steps you can follow that might point you in the right direction.

1. take your time to do some research. Even if your friend recommended that really awesome photographer this doesn’t mean that what was a good outcome for them will necessarily be for you. Satisfaction is a very subjective feeling and having photos taken is a highly personal experience. It is therefore essential that you feel a true affinity with the style and the vision of the person you will invite to share your most intimate story with. Having said that a recommendation from a friend is a good place to start, if their experience has been a positive one chances are yours will be too.

2.Have a vision. Don’t settle for having just “photos taken”. You want to hire a professional because you trust their voice, the way they see and they will interpret your family story,or your children portraits. It’s not just a matter of looking good is also about making memories that count and that you will revisit years from now. Memories that will become part of your family narrative.

3. Have a clear goal in mind but trust your feelings. What are these photos going to represent for you? Why do you want them? Looking for a headshot for your business page is not the same as documenting your family life. When you look at the photos of a particular photographer what do they evoke? Nostalgia,excitement,joy? Trust your feelings,chances are they will point you to the right direction.

4. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, photographers are normally very excited about their art and love nothing more than share it with others ,especially potential clients. Ask about their style, their process their technique even,but ultimately remember choosing a photographer is a matter of trust. Once you figure out who is the one that best represent your style and your vision trust them and let them create their magic.

unique mother and daughter portrait at Lions park

Have you ever felt that way? The feeling of holding beautiful photos in your hands that the photographer did a good job but yet you’re not feeling a connection to your own photos? It has happened to me in the past and you know what? I couldn’t blame the photographer. They did their job but I didn’t take the time to think about what kind of photos I wanted. Finding the right photographer is often simply a matter of affinity, of recognizing yourself in their work and feeling a deep connection with it. Which is why I highly encourage you to stop and pause for a moment. Chances are if you decided to invest in a professional photo shoot it is for a reason, think about that reason and start your quest accordingly.

If you dream of artful ,intimate portraits for your family or children I’d love to help! let’s find out how here.

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