Personal branding session at Five elements Spa, Hong Kong/ Liefyoga

Have you ever thought about the impact your image has when you’re a small business owner ? I see countless of people starting small businesses and Hong Kong is an exciting place for that. Many of these businesses are born and sustained by the vision of creative individuals that often are the only people behind the scene of their activities. It is especially important to communicate that vision well particularly in the case of a service when you don’t have a product to speak for itself. It’s important to communicate who you are, your philosophy , your believes. Images play a crucial role in this.

Lately I had the pleasure to work with Caron a Yoga teacher at Five elements Spa in Saikung and we did just that, we told her story, the story of what she does, and what she puts in every Yoga class she teaches. Her creative soul, her strong spirit, her intellect. I think we succeeded. I see Caron shining through these images and I’d like to see you too.

If you’re a creative business owner who need images to tell the story of your brand, please do get in touch. I would love to work together on something awesome.

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