While I do believe in different kinds of photographic approaches, I also believe it is important when investing in a photo session to pause for a moment and think about what you want to get out of it. In this sense it is extremely important to find the right photographer to match your vision.

I offer two types of sessions.


In home family session (includes families, newborn and maternity)

In home sessions offer an intimate, very personal background to your family portraits and that's why they're my favourite . I love photographing people in their home because I feel this is the place where families can truly be themselves and interact like they would on an ordinary day together ,all this listening to some awesome music which to me is always a plus :))

A note on in home sessions:
My priority in choosing a location is to pick a place that has a special meaning to you. I have a weakness for homes (it's not by chance I also photograph interiors) however, fancy decor, I can assure you, is not my priority here. Sometimes it is hard to free ourselves from the idea that our home is not worth it as a setting to our family photos, but if you think about it, it is actually THE most perfect place especially for a family who spends lots of time in it. There is no other place that can create intimate connections like your own home, so I highly recommend you consider it as an option, if space and light conditions allow it. Plus if you are lucky enough to have a yard or a nearby park there is the option to combine indoor/outdoor settings in two locations that are both meaningful to you, win-win! With an in home session we not only will create memories of your family but also of the place you called home during this time of your life.


Outdoor family sessions (including family, teenagers, maternity)

Sometimes in home sessions are not an option so the only choice is to move a photo session outdoor.Outdoor sessions work best for family,children and maternity portraits, not recommended for newborn.Luckily Hong Kong has some stunning natural locations so you are not short of choices. Just think of a place you'd like to explore, or even better that has a meaning to you. Again, the key is to offer a space and safe ground for your family to interact spontaneously and for me to capture genuine moments.


Starting at Hkd 5800
Please inquiry for details.

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"Dear Mariella,Thanks a lot for your wonderful job. The photos are so natural. It wasn't easy with my kids but you did  an amazing job! Thanks for the memories." Hélène


Having Mariella to take the family photos is one of the best decisions that I ever made. She is fabulous. It was nice and comfortable to work with her. Me and my husband are amazed by the photos. In spite of the hot weather and a moody baby, those photos turn out to be so natural, interactive and most importantly, honest. Instead of posing to be someone else, we are who we are in front of her camera. We hope can have Mariella documenting our family moment every year. Thank you Mariella!! Janice


Our family enjoyed being photographed by Mariella. She understands children very much, and was able to capture the best moments of us. The shooting went very smooth and stress free. I love the photos and wanted her to take another one for us next year.


Great family photographer and we are delighted with the results. Mariella picked an awesome location and time of day to take our family shots. She was super patient with our 5 year old who wanted to do anything but look at the camera! Thanks so much Mariella, you've made us some great memories xx


I chose Mariella to photograph our newborn because I like her style. It's natural and not overly stylized. She was was very patient with our baby that needed to be fed during the shoot. The photos came put exactly what we expected. Captured the moment beautifully. Thank You!

What to expect

Steps for booking are the following:
1.initial inquiry
2. price info
3. I will send you a questionnaire and a booking link where you will also prompted to pay the 50% retainer fee necessary for your booking

What to expect after booking?
First thing first upon booking you will receive a “welcome portraiture guide” that will contain some useful information about how to best prepare for your photo session, what to wear and so on.An essential part of my process is to set up a pre session consultation over the phone. We will brainstorm ideas, get over all the necessary details, will discuss expectations and I will make sure to gather all the information I need in order to craft a session that is truly unique and tailor made for you.

How long does a session last?
An average family/maternity session lasts around one hour, a newborn session can go up to two hours.

How and when will I receive my photos?
Three to four weeks after your session, the photos will be uploaded to a private online gallery and showcased in a slideshow. After payment will be completed the gallery will be available for you to download, share and back up.  This is the necessary time I need to send film rolls overseas to be developed and scanned at a specialized lab  and for final editing touches to be done.

How is film photography different from digital?
Essentially the difference between film and digital is in the way image are captured.In film photography images are captured on a roll of film (medium format or 35mm) in digital photography images are captured on a sensor using a digital camera.  As mentioned above, after your session, the rolls of film are sent to a lab overseas where they are developed and scanned according to the highest standards and delivered into beautiful high resolution digital files.

Will I like my film images?
I love film because it often surprises me, it leaves room to the unexpected and because it has an intrinsic “artistic” quality to it. Film is for you if you don’t mind a bit of grain, a bit of imperfection and if like me are not too fond of super polished, super sharp images. There are different ways of shooting film but the way I do it,with natural light and almost no retouching at the end unless absolutely necessary, gives the images a bit of an “old fashion”slightly vintage aura which I love.If you’re after a glossy, contemporary look my way of shooting film might not be for you.

Hey,all this candid photos philosophy is cool but I am afraid I won’t look good in photos.
Not everyone is a model, not everyone likes having their picture taken, I am perfectly aware of that. I suggest  you to take some time to think about why you want to hire a professional photographer.Having your images taken by a professional is not only about looking good in photos, but is also about capturing who you are and how you’re seen by someone else’s eye. That being said, it is my job as a photographer to make photos of you that are naturally flattering and that you will love.  I believe the main thing that is going to forge our relationship is trust. When a client books a session with me it is because they trust my eye and they want to see themselves through it. The point of you and I talking before your session is so that I get a feel of who you are and can mould your session to reflect at least partially your personality. And that applies to your children as well. My expectations of your shoot and your expectations of the shoot need to be on the same page, but please leave some room for the unexpected.There will be thoughtful images and more exciting shots, images that are tender and others that are funny.You won’t look perfect in all of them, your shirt will be a bit out of place and so will your hair, but do you really care? The point of these photos is to take that perfect image of yourself you have in mind, rip it apart and make space for something new and possibly more human, more exciting, more meaningful. My goal is to show you images of yourself that you will love and most importantly will make you feel something.