Interior photography for Expat living magazine

Hong Kong family portraits and interiors photographer

Some photos published on the current issue of Expat living HK.There is something that hasn’t changed over the years of me being a photographer, my love for photographing interiors. This is something that has always interested me and I have always loved doing no matter if for work or just to record some beautiful space I have been fortunate enough to come across. I guess it reconnects with my interest in the concept of home in general, an interest that oddly enough I have picked up very young when Interior decoration magazine were my favourite readings.

Hong Kong interiors photography

Last December I had the opportunity to photograph the lovely home of Brooke, former editor of Expat living magazine and the photos have been featured on the February/March issue.It’s been fun and very rewarding and I am very happy with the outcome. Here are some of my favourite shots, but of course , you can always go and grab yourself a copy of the magazine to see them in print!

Hong Kong interiors

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