Is it worth it having your family photos taken?

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Family photos, why and who to choose?

I have already talked about the importance of having your family photos taken in more than one occasion (see here and here). However every now and then, mainly on social media, I come across posts by people who are looking for a photographer for their family photos and ask for advice on who’s the best possible photographer or if it’s even worth it to have a family, or maternity or newborn session. First thing first let me share something I deeply believe in. There is no best photographer per se, but there is a best option for you. And it all depends on what you’re looking for which relates also to the second question: is it worth it? Should you go through the hassle of booking a photographer, spend a good amount of money and enduring the stress of having this all planned out and risking a meltdown from your children on the big day?


Two types of you

Let’s talk about two scenarios. Some people ask for a photographer who “won’t break the bank” or that “won’s cost an arm and a leg” which is fair enough because I get it , Hong Kong is an expensive city and many times we need to choose carefully what to spend our money on. Some people just want to have some photos. No fuss no frills and  I can understand it. After all, cameras are ubiquitous and our phones can take beautiful snaps these days no doubt.In that case if you just want to have some photos taken to remember a special day or just to have a photo where all the family members , including you, mum, are in it, it does make sense that you look at the most cost effective option you can find or even better ask somebody you know to snap a few shots for you.


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But then, there is a second scenario. You don’t want to have “just ” photos taken, You want something special, unique, something you feel affinity for. You have an idea of the kind of photos you want but can’t pinpoint exactly what is it that you are looking for so you take time to research. Maybe is that particular nostalgic look, or the way the light shines through somebody’s hair , the power of the connection you see in certain family portraits. You want that for your own family.You peruse several websites and once you find it, you know it. It’s there. And you know it because it speaks right at you, and more importantly it speaks about you. 

You will then find out that is not about having a camera and be decent with it, it’s about the person behind the camera and how he/she relates to you and your story.

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Who is the best photographer for you

Hiring a professional photographer whose style is strong and recognizable across their whole work is commissioning somebody with a point of view to witness the relationship with the most important people in your life and create a  story about it. The story of your family, of that day together, in photos . The story of how you usually hug, kiss each other and hold each other close. Each story is unique because you are unique , but the sensibility through which this story is told shines through,constantly. This means that having your photos taken is no longer a no fuss thing but requires research, investment and a professional who can guide you through it and handle it with passion, dedication and heart as well as proven technical skills. This helps create memories that will last you a life time and will make you smile no matter where you are or when you look at these photographs. If that is worth it or not it’s only up to you to decide and who is the best person to do it is only your choice.


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Each of my portraits are created with love, genuine passion and attention to details. I am fully invested and committed in creating the best possible experience for you in order to be satisfied and happy with the final result. Which is why I call my photos wholehearted portraits. Take a look at galleries or my Instagram handle . If you feel a connection, it might be time to get in touch. Waiting for you!

With love M.


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