Lifestyle or real life ?-an outdoor family session at Clearwater Bay country Park, Hong Kong

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Outdoor family session. Location: Clearwater Bay Country Park, Hong Kong


Lifestyle or real life? What is it like when you’re holding your gaze towards that gift of yours torn between the delight and terror that the experience of bringing up a child inevitably entails? The gaze of a mother that contains fear, affection, protection, insecurities. All the future heartbreaks, mistakes, birthday parties and celebration. Holidays, sun sets, ice creams and star staring nights. Laughs and tears. Joys and sorrows.School runs and goodbyes.  it’s all in there. In hands that hold each other, in faces that hold each other sight . This is it. This is life. Life that is a stream , it flows endlessly in between the nooks and crevices of our days and we can’t stop it, but we can acknowledge that in the jumbled mess of our days there is magic to be found. It’s all there and it’s real.

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