Portraits: studio or outdoor?


I love photographing children outdoor and Hong Kong offers plenty of opportunities for this. Saikung Lions Nature Park, plus all the various beaches and country park around Saikung and Clearwater Bay are all excellent location for photo shoot. When weather allows and light is soft and beautiful taking photos can be truly a magical experience. I am all for on location shooting and infact I have a confession to make until not long ago I refused to think of myself as a studio photographer. I never quite liked the “cold”atmosphere of a photo studio and never quite liked still posing.To me photography is fluid. It’s movement, moments, dance and laughter. This until recently. Until I fell in love with portraiture. Since the beginning I have enjoyed photographing people but it took me a while before I considered becoming strictly a photographer of people. My approach to portrait until not long ago has been very simple: to document what was happening in front of me. In this sense I could define myself as a documentary portrait photographer.Yet as I became more familiar with the fine art approach to portraiture I started to warm up to the idea of more staged portraits, poses and expressions that have more visual impact. I realized that sometimes pre-visualize and not just document, gives more space to my creativity and allows me to express myself better.Even in a studio setting,if I can I still prefer using natural light,however as I started growing as a photographer I also realized that sometimes natural light needs a bit of help so these days I am not to strict about excluding artificial lighting .

girl holding flowers black and white

Something interesting about children is that they feel almost compelled to smile.We all want to give a positive happy image of ourself and this is almost an innate instinct, yet sometimes I find that when I tell children that is ok not to smile they suddenly relax and feel like they can be whoever they want. We all love smiling kids and I understand last thing parent want is a grumpy photo of their kids yet I still believe that children should be portrayed honestly and I always try to respect whoever they choose to be in front of the camera. I have plenty of photos of my kids and not all of them are happy photos. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes angry I give them the freedom to express themselves as they want and myself the gift of a true moment frozen in time. What about you? What is your preferred location for your children photos? I suggest to think about it, then perhaps you could get in touch and see if we can bring your vision to reality!

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