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Oh summer, summer, summer! What else can I say? You have my heart. My favorite season, the one that brings a chance to take a break from busy winter months, school runs, and packed schedules and gives us the illusion to be free again, at least for a couple of months. Our summer is over (although technically still not since it’s 40+ degrees in Hong Kong) and we are back to school uniforms,after school activities and birthday parties but these scans I got from Carmencita lab are our little window into the past two months spent in Italy and Israel. Summer also is somehow the best season to create memories that will last a life time . Of all our summer photos (and I have taken plenty in the course of the years) these are probably my favorite. This is the summer I have switched back completely to shooting film and it feels like going back home. My eyes are content,satiated by the colours, the warmth, the texture. I finally feel these photos and these moments are truly mine to keep.


It was a light filled summer , incredibly hot,  crazy at times,  days spent running semi naked in the streets of my parents little town and garden, playing with hose and water balloons, eating ice creams too close to lunch, watching too much tv and iphone games in the hottest afternoon hours.It was anarchy.

Cold watermelon, almond granita and wandering the streets of Syracuse, Sicily.Deep blue sea, a huge pool to play in, friends, cousins, so much love around. Strawberries from nonno’s garden with sugar on top because, what the hell. The colours in the streets of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean sea seen from the opposite shore. T-shirt making workshops with Grandma, a monster garden and all the animals in the Safari. And grand parents and great grand parents and cousins (did I mention them already?). It was beautiful and exhausting and intense.

A year will get us ready to do it all over again.

Summer inspired readings for kids and teens (inspired by my own readings as a kid and teen): Adventures of Huckelberry Finn (M. Twain),Twenty Thousand leagues under the Sea(J. Verne), Three men in a boat (Jerome K Jerome), Little Women (L.May Alcott). Sometimes I wish I was a child again just to have those warm afternoons all by myself reading on the bed. Days looked interminable back then.

Summer inspired movies for kids and teens : The parent trap-Looooved this movie as a kid.  Stand by me -a classic. , The Goonies , Cars, Moonrise Kingdom -not necessarily for kids but so summery and so beautiful!, Flipper.


Tips for packing for holidays: we packed suitcases four times this summer (no jokes) and after 8 years of travelling with kids I can safely say I am a pro. My best tip is start packing two to three days in advance, make a list and pack stuff as you see it around then check it off the list, a simple fool proof method for not leaving things behind.Then when you’re ready to leave make a mental check to see if you have the two most important things: your passports and your wallet.To all the rest there is a remedy.If you wish to take photos during the holidays and you’re not happy with your iphone(dah) my advise to you is pack a good,small compact camera perhaps with video features even, easy to carry around, you won’t regret it.

The best sign of living a holiday to its fullest is my opinion is the feeling of being full like you ate so much of it you just can’t take it anymore and you’re ready to come back. I definitely was.

All the images in this post are ©Mariella Amitai, they were taken in Siracusa, Sicily on my lovely (and heavy as a stone) Pentax 645n, on Kodak Portra 400 film.

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