The highlight of your day

The highlight of my day was making up stories for each other at night before going to bed. Fairy tales that somehow are always more interesting than those we read in books. It was feeling the warmth and comfort of a roof above our head when looking at the rain pouring outside. Smelling the mix of flower, grass and mountains outside of our house when we got in to the car for school. It’s been discovering that for the first time in months it was actually cool outside and our “winter”, if we can call it that, it kind of started.Seeing the Island skyline appearing through the morning mist, starting a conversation with a lady at the supermarket while waiting for checking out instead of burying our faces in a smartphone. It’s been listening to that song I hadn’t listened to in years. Our hugs, our kisses and our wishes for a good day. It takes very little to make a day great and even if we don’t think we’ve had one when looking back we can always find reasons to prove us wrong.

the-highlight-of-my-day What about you? What was the highlight of your day?


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