Turtles and waterfalls- a family portrait session

A sunny Saturday, a beautiful family. Sometimes you just don’t know how your photos are gonna turn out. You have all the technique figured out. Aperture, Iso, shutter speed aligned but is the heart there? Are you peeking just a little bit into the other’s soul?This was my first almost all film session and the results have been surprisingly good. We can make of our own life experiences whatever we want. We are free to tell our own story from the angle we choose. I could say this was “just” a family session, or I could choose to talk about the process of trust, abandon and being totally wrapped up by this love witnessing process to forget my anxiety in between. Making art is a journey and photography is one of the ways I choose to express myself, my point of view, my voice. And my voice almost never says this was “just” a family session, it’s a stubborn little thing that always wants to dig a bit deeper than the surface to find out what is it all about. What’s the gel that keeps us together, what are the ties of love and blood made of. What is this thing we call, family?

And on this particular Saturday afternoon, this is what I saw.

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